10 Interesting Facts about Burj Khalifa You Must Know

BurjKhalifa is world’s tallest building and is considered to be amongst the architectural geniuses of 21st century. Even the smallest glimpse of the building is set to leave you spellbound. The amazing tower till date has been successful in bagging various awards and has also set higher standards in the architectural industry. For individuals planning to travel to Dubai, they should ensure to visit BurjKhalifa and take the chance to admire its beauty. However, to ensure that you get there at economical prices, start looking for Burj Khalifa ticket deals in advance. Once you are all set to visit Burj, make sure to keep in mind some interesting facts about it which are indeed going to make your trip a memorable one.


Owner of Burj

The owner of Burj is Emaar and the architect behind designing this beautiful building is Skidmore Owings and Merill. The architect of record is Hyder Consulting. Skidmore Owings and Merill is an American architect company which was also behind the development of “Buttressed core” which is the 163 floors building.

History and Location of Burj

Burj is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The name of tower was initially named as Burj Dubai. However, later on, the name was changed to BurjKhalifa. The construction of building was proposed in the year 2003, but it began in 2004 and the work got completed in the year 2010.

Exteriors of the Building

At the time of construction of building, approx. 26,000 glass panel cuts were used. 300 Chinese cladding experts were also involved in the designing and cladding system of building such that it withstands Dubai summer’s heat efficiently.

Tallest Building in the World

Once you have planned your visit to Burj, you would be delighted to know that it is the tallest building in the world with height of approx. 2761.5 feet or 828 meters. The total height if measured from the tip is 2723 or 829.8 meters. It is 3 times taller than Eiffel tower and two times than Empire State Building.

Location of Observatory Deck

Burjbeing the tallest building in the worldwould surely give you amazing views from the top. So when you are preparing your visit to the building, make sure to go to observatory deck which is located at the height of 1483 feet or 452.1 meters. While on the deck, you will get the chance to see world from different angles. To ensure that you visit the building at cost effective prices, look for burjkhalifa ticket deals that has certain discounts and offers available over it.

Floors, Elevators and other Amenities in the Building

There are 163 floors in the building, and only one floor is located below the ground. To ensure people find it convenient to get on the building, it has 58 functional elevators which operate on the speed of 10 meters per second. These elevators have also been designed with special controlled evacuation system such that it can efficiently handle emergency situations like fire or other security threat. Apart from this, it also has 2957 parking spaces, 900 apartment and also 304 hotels.

Floor Area of BurjKhalifa

The gross floor area of Burj is 3,331,140 feet square. This gross floor area is within the footprint of tower and does not contain the area of adjoining or other connected buildings.

Records grabbed by Burj

Burj owing to its height and architectural beauty has managed to grab various world records which include “tallest free standing building”, “longest travel distance elevators”, “tallest service elevator”, “second highest outdoor observatory deck”, “highest occupied floor”, and few more.

Electricity and Water Consumption

Owing to the size and height of building, it requires 250,000 gallons of water every day. Also, electricity consumption of building is equivalent to 360,000 bulbs of 100 watts burning at the same time.

Cloning and Maintenance

The building has 12 machines of 13 tons installed outside it, such that 36 cleaners can board these machines conveniently and carry out cleaning of 24000 reflective windows installed over the building.

The Last Words

The above mentioned interesting facts about BurjKhalifa would surely have tempted you to go to this beautiful place and check out its architectural beauty and designing. While for some individuals visiting Burj can be a costly affair, they can put in some efforts to look for BurjKhalifa ticket deals. The deals can be availed from different travel websites or agents at affordable prices to save some penny.