Gift Ideas for the Engine Lover in Your Life

Choosing gifts is never a seamless experience. Then, of course, you add in the fact that the recipient is a hardcore petrol head who loves nothing but engines. Unless you’re just as enthusiastic about cars and bikes, then you are likely at a bit of a loss for gift ideas.


If this sounds like your predicament, read ahead for some great gift ideas!

Magazine Subscription

If there is one thing that all engine lovers enjoy, it’s looking at pictures of cars. And while the internet has its appeal, there’s nothing quite like a glossy page.

Do a bit of investigation work to find out which magazines they already have and order a subscription for one which they don’t.

Gift Card

Don’t be afraid to stick with a classic gift card. Not only are they versatile in their store use, but they can also be combined with other payments methods. Your gift card could be the last amount needed for a new paint job.

Be sure to choose a card which can be used at all stores. Try the Groupon Coupons page for American Express and get yourself a discount on the initial purchase.

Novelty Mug/Cup

Despite how silly you might think they are, novelty mugs and cups are a hit when it comes to engine lovers.

Engine lovers love racing, and they become quite fond of popular and regular commentators who have their own catch phrases as they commentate.

Look for mugs and cups which make sounds such as these when being used.

This is just one silly idea – don’t be afraid to head into your local novelty store and see what might make them laugh.

On-Site Car Detailing

If you’re looking to make it a big surprise, speak with an on-site car detailer.

These services can attend the recipient’s car while they are at work and provide a full detailing service, both inside (if you can get the keys) and out. When your recipient finishes work, they are surprised with a shiny clean car.

Gift giving for a petrol head doesn’t have to be a struggle; you just have to know where to start. The next time you’re up against the task, take this list shopping with you, and you’ll be set!